Party Decorations Tips And Ideas

Your party’s atmosphere will be enhanced by your chosen party decorations. And your guests get to enjoy and feel the occasion more with the right themed party decorations. Planning your decoration is the most important thing you can do before purchase of your party needs.

Before you buy any decoration be sure you know your color scheme and theme. Be aware of the type of party that you will be having. You already know before you start if it is a birthday party, baby shower, a or an anniversary. This will go deeper than that, and goes into the details like whether it is informal or formal, traditional, serious, etc. Depending on the party, the type will dictate your decorations from color, accessories and even activities.

For a party that includes a full meal whether it is buffet or seated, part of your decorations will have to be your china, napkins, linens and crystal glasses. It is important to consider that your decorations should not clash with your china. For your napkins, you do fancy folds for a more distinct look. Formal table cloths or linens may be used for formal parties while plastic or disposable table cloths may be used for informal ones. If you will be holding an outdoor party, make sure that you provide provisions for covering the various dishes to prevent insects from getting into them.

Party_logoOther table decorations that could be considered include candles, napkin rings, place cards, flowers or fruit arrangements.

When it comes to room decoration, the possibilities are endless so don’t focus only on your table decorations. You have your walls, windows and even ceiling. Suggestions for decorations include crepe paper streamers or balloon arrangements that could be taped on windows and doors, tied on furniture or made to float on the ceiling or scattered on the floor. Light strings in plain color add a formal touch to any formal party. For less formal parties you can use colored lights.

Add decorative accessories especially for themed parties. A Halloween party gives more of a spooky feel with decorative cobwebs on the various house corners, jack-o-lanterns, bats and even skeletons in an open closet. Formal parties would need lesser decorations but you can use small bowls containing candies or nuts that people can munch while waiting for the party to start. They are not only effective table decors; guests will enjoy eating them too.

For your party decorations, start with what you have and then try to borrow from relatives or friends. Otherwise, there are many places from which you could find party decorations.




This article is based on finding online a place where we would be able to test a color with our own home pictures, without the need to go somewhere. So we went to the online store of Benjamin Moore, and used the Color Viewer. We created a test account for this to try it out. Simple because we would like to be able to use our own pictures. After you register, you can upload your own pictures and even save them. Click on the picture to go there !

color viewer

We started with this test picture.

Colors - Benjamin Moore Color Viewer

And changed simple the left back wall in a different color.

Colors - Benjamin Moore Color ViewerWe also changed the color in the below picture. And as you can see, even a little change in the color it will give a big difference in the room.

Colors - Benjamin Moore Color Viewer

And even if it would not be perfect (For example in our picture the lamp did get in the paint as well) it is a perfect solution to find the correct colors for your space.

Above is just a simple example of what you already can do online, and there are  many more places where you can do the same (Or even better.) So we would like to ask you to send us all the places that you can find where you can do the same as above. Or even more.

For example if you go to, they have here a similar idea, but you can only use existing pictures. Not your own.


[phpbay]”decoration books”,3[/phpbay]

Some others we found:

Ralph Laurenpaint

The next article we would like to create is about furniture placement and we are looking for online websites that actual give you the possibility to move your own furniture around in a picture. Any ideas of existing websites like that. Then tell it us! Just send us a message.

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How to Decorate for a Baby Shower?

babyAs the host of a baby shower, the decorations will likely be one of your biggest tasks!

Just because you’re the host, it doesn’t mean you need to spend hundred of dollars to have a fabulously decorated location for your loved one’s baby shower.

Think in themes!  Using a theme can make decorating SO much easier than if you just have a vague idea of boy or girl for decorations.  Here are some simple ways you can save money on decorations.

Using the baby’s nursery theme, you can incorporate your gifts for the new mom into the decorations.  If the baby is going to have a Noah’s Ark, farm, or jungle themed room, you can get some stuffed animals to decorate with!  Use them as centerpieces and to decorate side tables, as needed.

For a star themed room, you can cut out large stars, spray paint them silver and gold and hang them from the ceiling.  Use star confetti on the tables and try to find some wire garland, too.  I’ve seen these types of garland all year round.  Stars are also easy to find on candles, tablecloths, napkins, etc.

Many people love to give diaper cakes as baby shower gifts.  They not only serve as gifts, but make great centerpieces!

For the baby showers I have hosted, I always like to have a menu on display so the guests know what they are eating!  It probably comes from being a picky eater, but I have always gotten wonderful comments on this.  It is VERY simple to do, too!  Just get a nice picture frame (you can even get one engraved for a baby gift!) and on your computer, type up the list of foods you will be serving.  Use a font that coordinates with the theme, center it on the page and print it out!  I like to order the item the same way nice restaurants do with appetizers first, salads and breads next, main courses after that, followed by desserts and beverages.

It really is a very nice touch that doesn’t take much work at all, but you will get lots of compliments on it!  I don’t even mind if you take all the credit yourself!

If you want to have something outside the baby shower location to announce it, you can get a banner or yard sign that can also be given to the mother as a gift.  Always be thinking of dual purpose baby shower decorations that can be given as gifts!  This is a great way to save money!
Flowers are wonderful additions to any baby shower decor.  If you live near a supermarket that has a floral department, you can save lots of money by just picking up some bundles and doing your own floral arrangements.  Most stores have a floral artist that works there, so ask for a few tips.  Don’t be afraid to try this!  No one will likely know that you didn’t get an arrangement custom made for the baby shower if you don’t tell them.

When you’re there, ask if they have any discarded petals you can have.  Most florists take a few petals off roses before arranging them and will give them to you for FREE if you ask.  Just call around to local shops and see.  You’ll never know unless you ask!

If you just don’t think you can handle doing your own floral arrangements or you won’t have the time, ordering online can also be a huge money saver.  You can often get dozens of roses for so much less online than locally because online florists can buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you.

Have fun decorating for your next baby shower!  Remember to use decorations that also can be used as gifts to save money! - Your website about decoration!