The best worst candle I’ve had…

bigbunnyfartjar2Ok, so someone kindly bought me something really really REALLY smelly today… And I laughed so hard when I opened it. It’s a candle, but not just any old boring scented candle – it’s a parody scented candle with a scent of … Meerkat Poop in fact…Yep… Meerkat Poop :-/

Firstly, how on earth can anyone know what Meerkat Poop even smells like? And how did they collect the scent!? Regardless, it looked cool once I unwrapped it – and aside from the obvious giveaway label with ‘Meerkat Poop’ written on it, you could have mistaken it for any other high quality scented candle out there on mantelpieces.

Anyhow, I slowly unclipped the air tight lid (pretty sure it is air tight for a very good reason) and stuck my nose inside and you guessed it… it was pretty horrific, but in a funny kind of way (if that makes sense??). Then I was brave enough to light up and take a whiff – WHAM that smell was so bad I had to quickly take it outside so as to not stink out the whole flat for months on end! Nevertheless it’s a quirky funny GAG gift which made me smile. Thank you – you gave me something so…unique… CHEERS!

Now to send it on to someone I really dislike… :-p

The guys over at are pet lovers and also like to give back to the animals they’re mocking. 10% of profits from their sales go towards four different charities across the world, they are:meerkatpoopJAR2

  • RSPCA – who are an animal welfare charity which has been operating to protect cruelty towards animals – they do a great job and deserve every penny they get in donations.
  • Blue Cross – is a charity that provides help to owners who do not have adequate pet insurance or simply can’t afford the vet fees for their loved ones.
  • Four Paws – is an international charity and concentrates more on wild animals and endangered species.
  • Wood Green – is a charity that homes abandoned pets across the country, first set up to tackle the problem in London.

So come on guys, buy a horrible candle today, give it to someone as a fantastic funny gift and while you’re at it, give something back to charity!

P.S. Check out the horrid Big Bunny Fart or yucky Wet Dog scented candles for an even worse stinker!