Party Decorations Tips And Ideas

Your party’s overall atmosphere will be enhanced by your chosen party decorations. Plus, guests get to enjoy and feel the occasion more with the right themed party decorations. Planning is key in the selection and purchase of your party needs.

Before even purchasing any party decorations based on your color scheme and theme, you must be aware of the type of party that you will be having. This doesn’t mean knowing if it’s a baby shower, a birthday, an anniversary etc. This goes deeper than that and goes into the details like whether it is informal or formal, traditional, serious, etc. Depending on the party, the type will dictate your decorations from color, accessories and even activities.

For a party that includes a full meal whether it is buffet or seated, part of your decorations will have to be your china, napkins, linens and crystal glasses. It is important to consider that your decorations should not clash with your china. For your napkins, you do fancy folds for a more distinct look. Formal table cloths or linens may be used for formal parties while plastic or disposable table cloths may be used for informal ones. If you will be holding an outdoor party, make sure that you provide provisions for covering the various dishes to prevent insects from getting into them.

Other table decorations that could be considered include candles, napkin rings, place cards, flowers or fruit arrangements.

When it comes to room decoration, the possibilities are endless so don’t focus only on your table decorations. You have your walls, windows and even ceiling. Suggestions for decorations include crepe paper streamers or balloon arrangements that could be taped on windows and doors, tied on furniture or made to float on the ceiling or scattered on the floor. Light strings in plain color add a formal touch to any formal party. For less formal parties you can use colored lights.

Add decorative accessories especially for themed parties. A Halloween party gives more of a spooky feel with decorative cobwebs on the various house corners, jack-o-lanterns, bats and even skeletons in an open closet. Formal parties would need lesser decorations but you can use small bowls containing candies or nuts that people can munch while waiting for the party to start. They are not only effective table decors; guests will enjoy eating them too.

For your party decorations, start with what you have and then try to borrow from relatives or friends. Otherwise, there are many places from which you could find party decorations.

Decoration Books – Enhance your creative skills

Decoration Books – Enhance your creative skills

Decoration Books is one of the best guides that help you to decorate your favorite places and things. In simple words with the help of decorating book you can decorate your house, garden, office, cakes, cookies, etc. It has the best collection in most of the topics that a decorator seeks for. With decorating book you can make a well-decorated output. It doesn’t matters whether you are a good decorator or not but with an appropriate decorating book you can decorate easily and quickly.

Decorating Books is well illustrated in free decorating tips, way through which you can make your house comfortable and beautiful, it also tackles common design problems and bring a firm look in your decorating skill.

Decoration Books: Advantages
Decorating book contains professional decorating ideas, clear instructions, lavish photographs and easy projects that help you to decorate with ease. Decoration Books assist you to make uniquely decorated house.

Decorating Books: Review
Decoration books, enhances your decorating skills and help you to create best style in your work. It has some wonderful resources, which provides inspiration, tips and ideas. Decorating Book offers project work, which are easy, simple and inexpensive.

Before You Buy: Decorating Books
If you have decided to purchase a decorating book its very important you have a look at the book carefully. See that every color, illustrated pictures and projects are as per your choice and needs.
Nowadays you can easily purchase a decorating book online. There are number of sites that offer such books. All you have to do is select the book of your choice and apply for the same.

The best worst candle I’ve had…

bigbunnyfartjar2Ok, so someone kindly bought me something really really REALLY smelly today… And I laughed so hard when I opened it. It’s a candle, but not just any old boring scented candle – it’s a parody scented candle with a scent of … Meerkat Poop in fact…Yep… Meerkat Poop :-/

Firstly, how on earth can anyone know what Meerkat Poop even smells like? And how did they collect the scent!? Regardless, it looked cool once I unwrapped it – and aside from the obvious giveaway label with ‘Meerkat Poop’ written on it, you could have mistaken it for any other high quality scented candle out there on mantelpieces.

Anyhow, I slowly unclipped the air tight lid (pretty sure it is air tight for a very good reason) and stuck my nose inside and you guessed it… it was pretty horrific, but in a funny kind of way (if that makes sense??). Then I was brave enough to light up and take a whiff – WHAM that smell was so bad I had to quickly take it outside so as to not stink out the whole flat for months on end! Nevertheless it’s a quirky funny GAG gift which made me smile. Thank you – you gave me something so…unique… CHEERS!

Now to send it on to someone I really dislike… :-p

The guys over at are pet lovers and also like to give back to the animals they’re mocking. 10% of profits from their sales go towards four different charities across the world, they are:meerkatpoopJAR2

  • RSPCA – who are an animal welfare charity which has been operating to protect cruelty towards animals – they do a great job and deserve every penny they get in donations.
  • Blue Cross – is a charity that provides help to owners who do not have adequate pet insurance or simply can’t afford the vet fees for their loved ones.
  • Four Paws – is an international charity and concentrates more on wild animals and endangered species.
  • Wood Green – is a charity that homes abandoned pets across the country, first set up to tackle the problem in London.

So come on guys, buy a horrible candle today, give it to someone as a fantastic funny gift and while you’re at it, give something back to charity!

P.S. Check out the horrid Big Bunny Fart or yucky Wet Dog scented candles for an even worse stinker!

Flat screen TV decoration solutions

flat-screen-tv-cabinetFlat screen TV

[Tweet “These day’s everyone has it ! A big Flat Screen TV! “]


It is almost a trend to have this somewhere in your room. But how to blend it in your decoration, so that it is not only a big screen, but also that it will fit in the room. There are always good ways to blend in a  Flat screen TV into your design of your living room. Below are just some examples.

To make the impact of your flat screen TV not that big on the design of your room you can build the Flat screen TV in to a cabinet like you see in the above picture. But when you have a real big Flat screen TV from around 50 inch then the cabinet will have to be real big to fit it all.


build inAn other way is to hang your Flat screen TV on the wall and place furniture around it like in the next picture. It is still a good solution, but it will take up a lot of space.

The disadvantage of above situations is that it is real massive and a permanent solution. You will not move any of the things for a long time.




hiddenIf you want to hide your Flat screen TV complete then the next solution is maybe the best. Hiding it behind a Painting or take an even more drastic measurement by placing the Flat screen TV in the sealing as below picture is showing.


As you can see. There are many solutions for the Flat screen TV to be hidden or to make it only show up at the moment that you need it. The best one I think would be the sealing based like the one on the left and the one below. But you need to have space for it.




But there are many good solutions for it. Do you know other solutions. Or did you solve it in a other way? Then we would love to see your pictures, and hear your story about it.



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Decorations: Make Any House A Home

Do you know the difference between entering a house or a home? If so, what makes the difference to you? Is it something about the way a living space looks that helps you decide? Or perhaps it is a feeling, something about the atmosphere that makes a house different than a home? I guess that there are many factors that could account for the differences we all experience as we enter a living space. For me, one of the biggest things that helps me determine whether a living space feels like a house or a home is decorations.


You know how it is. You enter someone’s house and look around to see nothing but blank walls and minimal furniture. You silently wonder how they live in a place as drab and uninviting as this. There is no art work, no color, and certainly no sense of ownership and pride about the house you are seeing. It seems like they haven’t put in any time to adding decorations or the touches that make a house seem like more than a house.

Enter house two. From the time you walk through the front door all of your senses are awakened. There is a wonderful smell coming from the candles burning throughout the house, and the lighting of the candles isn’t too bad either. The house is bursting with color and personality, almost as if it reflects something about the people who live there. The walls, bookshelves, and furniture are all a part of the decorations that fill this home and make anyone want to spend time there.

Most everyone I know wants to have a home rather than a house. They want their living space to feel lived in, inviting, and special. They want their home to reflect who they are and the things they care about, and they certainly want it to be filled with amazing colors, great textures and smells, and a lot of great decorations.

The good news for you is that regardless of what your house looks like now, you can transform your space into a wonderful home by doing a few simple things. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try risky things in your space, after all, it is your own. If there is a crazy color or a unique couch that you like, just go for it. Gather ideas from friends and buy a few decorating magazines to see what is in style as you begin.

No matter what you decide to do to transform your house into a home, make sure you fill your home with great decorations that are truly your taste and that allow all of your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable.

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Questions and AnswersAs you can see in the top menu we have been creating new menu called

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What kind of questions can you ask ? Here are just some examples that we can help you with :

  • Colors
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  • And more.

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If you would like to become a volunteer in our team to answer the questions we get, then send us a message in our contact us, telling what you can do for us.


Home Interior decoration

Home Interior decoration


This is the process of decorating a home in order to make it look better, and becomes easier to use and  looks well with the architecture of the home. A home interior decoration provides a certain “feeling” to the home; it includes applying wallpaper, choosing of furniture , painting the walls, and fittings such as light fixtures, and adding decorations such as paintings.


Home interior decoration is professionally done by interior designers / decorators and also by a few architects. There is a distinctive difference between home interior decoration and interior design.


Home interior decoration is focused on finishing, such as wallpaper, window covering, furnishings and paint. Interior design is more integrated with the architecture, and in addition to home interior decoration involves cabinet making, room layout etc and host of other design parameters that go into making a home.

Home Interior decoration

Although the concept of home interior decoration evolved in Paris and London in the late 18th century, modern home interior decoration began with Jeanselme in Paris, Lenygon and Morant in London and Ogden Codman from New York. This concept of home interior decoration has gone through many trends and discussions. The current trends of this industry is to discover innovative ways to decorate on a budget mostly shoe string.


The whole objective of home interior decoration is to functionally improve the home and make it reflect your tastes and personality at the same time rendering it unique. A big challenge, nevertheless, undertaken by artistic scientists.


The new trends indicate most spending on expanding kitchens and livening up bathrooms with new fittings. Current trends also indicate that emphasis is being given to creating specialty rooms and areas for individual members of the family. Growing in popularity are massage suites, spa areas, media space, craft rooms, wine cellars and home library areas. Even though luxury is a synonym for space, most small home owners are eagerly using home interior decoration to create definition areas for each individual.


Colors are also undergoing a new preference towards earthly, natural and warm brown tones from the vibrant and loud colors of the past. Blue and gray hues are preferred today over dull reds and dark blues of the past.

room1Innovative home interior decoration ideas, which cost less but at the same time giving the impression of an ornate design scheme are in vogue for new career professionals and newly married couples.


The new trend of Life-styling has given home interior decoration industry a boost. This has given rise to eclectic decorating styles which include High Tech and Shabby Chic replacing the good old Victorian or Early American.


Focus has changed to harmony and function compared to uniqueness and good looking. Rightly so, since uniqueness can never be 100% and neatness has always been good looking, which can be brought about by good functionality.


Home interior decoration has changed more drastically over the past 15 years or so than in its long history. Keeping track of new trends is almost as essential as for a computer professional keeping track of new software or hardware.

Quick, easy interior design ideas for the Christmas

During the Christmas season will everyone start to buy decoration for the Christmas in and around there home. We from want to give you some quick, and easy interior design ideas for Christmas that cost (almost) nothing to make.

Below you find 2 simple flower arrangement that you can make from some Christmas decoration and some Christmas Tree so it cost you nothing to make it nice for Christmas. (At least almost nothing) And With a little Flower pot you are good to go ! (See pictures below)

Quick, easy interior design ideas for the Christmas

Quick, easy interior design ideas for the Christmas

Another tip I just want to show you here, is actual that you do not have to have always a big Christmas tree in your room. Use a small one. And see how that looks. Here is just an example:

Small Cheristmas Tree

If you like above ideas, then share it. And if you also did something similar, then we would love to hear it.