This article is based on finding online a place where we would be able to test a color with our own home pictures, without the need to go somewhere. So we went to the online store of Benjamin Moore, and used the Color Viewer. We created a test account for this to try it out. Simple because we would like to be able to use our own pictures. After you register, you can upload your own pictures and even save them. Click on the picture to go there !

color viewer

We started with this test picture.

Colors - Benjamin Moore Color Viewer

And changed simple the left back wall in a different color.

Colors - Benjamin Moore Color ViewerWe also changed the color in the below picture. And as you can see, even a little change in the color it will give a big difference in the room.

Colors - Benjamin Moore Color Viewer

And even if it would not be perfect (For example in our picture the lamp did get in the paint as well) it is a perfect solution to find the correct colors for your space.

Above is just a simple example of what you already can do online, and there are  many more places where you can do the same (Or even better.) So we would like to ask you to send us all the places that you can find where you can do the same as above. Or even more.

For example if you go to, they have here a similar idea, but you can only use existing pictures. Not your own.


[phpbay]”decoration books”,3[/phpbay]

Some others we found:

Ralph Laurenpaint

The next article we would like to create is about furniture placement and we are looking for online websites that actual give you the possibility to move your own furniture around in a picture. Any ideas of existing websites like that. Then tell it us! Just send us a message.

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